Long Hairstyles and Haircuts

ayered Pomp Fade Haircuts

The layered pump fade features two layers of thick hair, one of which gradually dissipates into nothing due to the fading impact. As a consequence, in a perfectly shaped pompadour, the top of the hair remains. To make this style work for your hair type, you could even do a loose quiff.

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Best Flat Top Haircuts

While the flat top fade may be a classic black hair haircut, most new cuts and styles are pulling from retro looks nowadays. We had to do the trend justice by sourcing from the best barbers around the world as one of the coolest black hairstyles of the’s and ‘ s. See the pictures below for the inspiration in the flat top hairstyle to grow your hair and get look!

Classic Cuteness – Wild Bowl

Boys are going to be kids, and this is the classic haircut of all kids. Here, the gets an upgrade as it retains the shortness at the back and sides while leaving the entire length to drop across the top of the head and the front from a high crown at the bottom. Soft layers are cut to give the style a bit of personality and movement. For fun, casual times, comb it for a dresser look or finger-comb.


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