Short Asian hair

This is one of the most trendy Asian boy haircuts on our list as it has some boyish charm. The hair is pulled to one side and is cut asymmetrically and unevenly. Now, the hair looks so cool that it blows your mind. The hair on one side is thicker while on the other side it is cut shorter. It produces a beautiful and enjoyable look that you’re sure to love.

Bob from Asia

on the sides and even longer hair on the bottom. To have a fun and simple aura around you, the hair is dyed to a warm brown color. And make sure you get it right for boys in Asian with a cool hairstyle.

Asian Buzz Cuts Are Absolutely A Hit in

Asian Buzz Cuts are among the top hairstyles in the fashion industry. From a butch cut to a crew cut or an Ivy league style, everything gives the buzz cuts a whole new fashion and styling environment. Asian guys usually love short haircuts and that’s why this year they hit the buzz cuts with them.

Bold Buzz Cuts For Asian Men To Try

Great haircuts from Asia that will rule

Special Man Bun Hairstyles for Asian Men [

The man bun was originally branded as a hairstyle for hipsters, but today it is a common hairstyle for most men around the world. Many thought the man bun hairstyle as a fad that would fade into oblivion, but the fact is just the opposite. Instead, the style clung to popularity and became extremely popular. So, no matter what difference they’re looking for from a hawk, there’s no chance it won’t take them a lot of effort to pull it off. Sure, mohawk haircut was too scandalous at first. But its modern ideas are yet another evidence that with time everything gets better. Already you know how the fashionable cut can be worn, styled, and mixed. So call your barber better and ask him for some audacious improvements!

Asian Inspired Hairstyle Trend

No one can argue that Asian fashion trends have inspired Western fashion style. This asymmetric angular bob is going to die for and it certainly flatters the best teen boys.

Asian spiky hair

Asian spiky hair can be very different and stylish. For starters, Asian menare known for their straight, thick hair, and while it can be difficult to tame and style without a strong hair product, Asian hair styles seem to be cool, sharp, and fresh. Get short spiky hair or a quiff with the right cut and style.

Asian Spiky Mohawk

Mohawk’s straight hair is very easy to style because the hair is perfectly formed without any other styling products. The Asian Mohawk is the most popular type of this straight haircut. You may leave the head sides blurred or undercut, it’s up to you entirely.

Best hair styles for Asian men

Best hair styles for Asian hair

Many Asian men have thick, straight hair and know how hard it can be to style the hairstyles of the best men. But if you want all the cool cuts and styles to be made …

Asian Hair

A longer front that swoops up and down to the side is a new take on this bald fade style and will certainly make it look a bit more up-to-date. This is a good option for men who want a bit of a flash, but don’t want to hang their hair on their foreheads.

Asian Dragon Tattoos

Asian dragon tattoos are some of the most complex with their long, winding tails. Dragons appear to be regarded primarily by Japanese and Chinese cultures as good luck charms that can give energy, wealth, and power to people. Chinese dragon tattoos are the right choice for body art which translates into masculinity, power, and o


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