Long Faux Hawk Taper

Do you like to get different signs and styles on your shaved head? If so, look at this Fohawk hairstyle. This may look like a normal Fohawk look where the hairstylist used a blow dryer to raise the hair in the middle and used hair spray to keep it in the long spiky look of Faux Hawk. But this hairstyle looks bold with the angled hair cut on the front and low taper on the back with taper fading as it goes down. And the signs were painted on the side of the head to give a pinch of more boldness and badass feel.

Voluminous Faux Hawk Hairstyle

No harm in keeping up with the new trendy hairstyles. But then we also have some of the classic hairstyles that look great with a little twist. This false hawk hairstyle is not a new type of hairstyle you can all see in the picture. But this gives a fluid look with the twist of fading sides and faded back. For all the boys who have a good hair length, this look can be done by using the hair gel to set the hair flowing in different directions towards the back. Keep the front hair a bit high and start setting it down with the aid of the hair gel as it moves backwards. You can also use your fingers to make sections and, after applying the hair gel, detach hair from each other by pulling them back.

Backswept Long Faux Hawk

Backswept long faux hawk is a great cut for those unable to let go of their medium-long hair. While the top is gelled back in a smooth, soft way, the sides are shaved, leaving the hair’s natural waves intact. To people who like to dress up, this is a stunning look.

Bedhead Faux Hawk

The bedhead faux hawk is exactly what it sounds like: a man just rolling out of bed, running his hand through his hair and leaving the house. It looks great for men going to college, a casual job, or just a city day. Bi-Color Cornrows You can change the direction similar to how ombre hair changes from one color to another. In other words, you can use two separate shades horizontally instead of combining colors vertically. The technique looks best with all-around braids. Design.3295.jpg />

Braided Faux Hawk

The braided faux hawk is a fun twist to the traditional faux hawk which adds great character. A large number of braids can be implemented in this style. This versatile cut looks great for daytime casual wear or night out. Braided Locs

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

You can always play with styling if you have a really long mohawk. For example, if you want a semi-formal look, you can get inspired by this reverse braid that ends in aman bunif.

Brush Up Traditional Hairstyles for Men

Also a favorite among those who choose elegance as their statement is this princely haircut. The results are actually attractive.

Choppy Faux Hawk Style

The choppy faux hawk, created with the abundance of gel, is a highly textured and dimensional style that is suitable for both formal and informal wear. The look involves separate pieces of short hair cut into a forward rabbit and is sure to draw your eye.

Classic Faux Hawk with Fade

This is a classic faux hawk style spin as it features a thick faux hawk on top with a stunning fade on the side to add a little dimension and personality to the look. For anyone who wants to create a dramatic effect, it is fine.

Classy Faux Hawk

The hair on the side is backswept instead of cut down with the classy faux hawk. Still, by sweeping the hair back and gelling it around the arms, allowing the top to do as it pleases, and gelling it as well, the fake hawk look is achieved.

Clean Cut Faux Hawk

False sides of the clean cut are almost entirely rasped. The hawk itself has straight, clean lines and a couple of inches of hair gelled back in a smooth way. If you have an outfit that needs some dressing up, this is one of the best hawk haircuts you can go with for men.

Cliffhanger Faux Hawk

Another dramatic type of cliffhanger faux hawk, which begins softly and downplayed in the back before peaking with a sharp front jut. It’s as great to wear suits as casual wear.

Curly Cue Faux Hawk

This almost tips towards a mohawk, but the curly cue faux hawk is all about the hair styling. This faux hawk is dramatic and striking with a clear curl and is ideal for a night out.

Curly Faux Hawk

Curly fake hawk is a perfect and simple way to make hair stylish. Just cut or fade the sides down, and then let the top do its own thing. You may not even need products for hair.

Dramatic Wave Faux Hawk

The dramatic wave faux hawk is the perfect message for hair cutting as it will definitely draw your attention. For anyone looking to accentuate their suits, play up their beard, or just want to add more volume to their hair, this is a great cut.

Faux Faux Hawk

With fake men’s haircuts, you don’t even have to cut your hair to make it look like that. Simply gel back the short hair and give down the center a little volume to the edges. That’s all it takes you to pull it off. We suggest it’s perfect for people who want to shake things up a bit with medium-length hair.

Faux Hawk for Older Men

Last but not least, we’ll point out that men can wear fake hawk haircuts regardless of age. You can even use a fake hawk hairstyle to add a youthful touch to your grazing locks, even if you’re done. In any environment you may wear it, so go for it!

Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men

A safe way to play with daring hairstyle for many people. The best part is that if you’re not happy with it, you don’t have to shave your head sides full. Seek a fade as in the above photo.

Faux Hawk Hard Haircut

The ideal solution for people who are unsure about getting a full mohawk is a fake hawk. As the name says, it’s a mohawk recreation, mostly without the back part. To underline it, you can use a hard part.

Faux Hawk Pompadour

Faux hawks are always in order for people who do not want a full-rebellious mohawk. If you style it properly, you can get a pretty similar result, particularly if you let yourself be influenced by pompadours. Mixing hairstyles is and will always be key.

Faux Hawk Quiff

Another cool fact about the quiff haircut is that it can be the basis for a significant amount of hairstyle fusions. Thefaux hawk, a top trending hairstyle that perfectly blends with a quiff base, is just one example.

Faux Hawk Top Knot Men

Faux hawk haircuts for mendeserve their current top trend status in terms of popularity. With just the right dose of attitude, they make any guy look effortlessly stylish. Nonetheless, not everyone likes a classic fake hawk to look like a mohawk. And you canmerge a fake hawk to get an original hairstyle with a top knot! To do so, use a technique of tapered burst fade. Keep the hair on the back a little shorter than the sides and at the same length as the top knot. We consider using the curved form for the undercut as a side note. Design.3507.jpg />

Faux Hawk with Hard Part

When you notice a lack of personality in your overall hairstyle, add a hard part. The hard part is shaved to improve clarity as opposed to a regular part. We assume that it is extremely good for men to complete some fake hawk haircuts.

Men’s Faux Mohawks Hairstyles

David Beckham is one of soccer’s most recognizable faces. Now, the athlete, like this faux mohawk (or fohawk), is also renowned for his rebellious hairstyles. While the form resembles a mohawk, without complete shaving it is softly faded

Feathered Mullet

Fish Fin Pomp Faux Hawk

Feathered Mullet

Fish Fin Pomp Faux Hawk

The sides are lost, leaving the eye to reach only to the edge of the hair plate. It is perfect for the gentle person who loves to wear an elegant, classy suit. Fishbone Braids The fishbone technique is commonly used for men’s braids. It actually takes longer hair to pull off, but the effect is a big eye candy. We suggest that you get one on each side of your head for some good symmetry for fishbone braids.
Fishtail Braid Would you like a bohemian braid approach? While the most popular choice is most likely to be dreadlocks, you can also try a temporary option like the fishtail braid. For a truly memorable and spectacular hairstyle, get one or more of them.

Front Curl Faux Hawk

Curled-cue faux hawk’s grandfather is the front curl. Inspired by the s’s greaser style, the front curl has a distinct impression of rock and roll. Measuring the front curl faux hawk up a bit in the front for a modern adaptation.

Gentle Fade Faux Hawk

The gentle fade faux hawk starts at the front as a massive piece of hair that has been cut back on the face. Together with it, incredible fadegoes slowly tapering from a lot of hair to none.

Killer Whale Faux Hawk

The killer whale faux hawk, named for its similarity to the body shape of a whale, is suitable for medium-length hair and takes advantage of its size. Gel it with a wide dimension in the front and slowly taper down to a shorter length at the middle. K-Pop hairstyle

K-pop hairstyles

Asian hairstyles are always motivational for men who like longer hair, particularly k-pop hair. This is the ideal hairstyle for you if you want an emo look without chopping your hair off or sweeping it to the side. You may make it lengthier or shorter than in the illustration.

Layered Faux Hawk

The layered fake hawk features a textured, chunky look that gives the wearer a hairstyle full of dimension, length and weight. The hair on top iscut into short layersand then styled to achieve one of the men’s best casual false hawk haircuts.

Layered Men’s Haircuts

Layers are a good way to minimize the styling time. Your hair can naturally fall into the perfect shape if done by a skillful hairstylist. No need for additional products.

Long Loose Curls Faux Hawk

If you have loosely curly, medium-length hair, the long loose curls would better suit you. It features a top that hangs without any material in it, allowing free running of your loose curls. For outdoor people we suggest it and a more casual look.

Loose Faux Hawk

Typically the loose faux hawk features an accented fade on the sides and a medium-length hair top that hangs lazily free of gel on the left, right and down front. Outdoor events or other casual occasions can be worn.

Low Taper Faux Hawk

Low Uniform Taper Fade with Beard Another element of taper fades is how they work with facial hair. The taper fade, apart from complementing any beard ormustache, can literally blend from one component to the next.

Man Bun and Large Sideburns

If you choose to keep your hair long and flowing, there are no limitations to the hairstyles with which you can play. Theman bun would be a constantly trending option, particularly since you can actually pull it off without looking like a rooster.

Messy Classic Faux Hawk

The messy classic faux hawk plays around the classic faux hawk charm, but without it all. It’s a more casual look, with soft texture on the sides and smooth tapering. This hairstyle is ideal for any event and goes with any dress.

Messy Faux Hawk

We’ve got afaux hawkmessy top look that you’re just going to love, keeping up with the fake trend. Finding is also very simple! Instead of fixing everything in place, let your fake top run wild.

Messy Pomp Faux Hawk

The messy faux hawk pump is a great way to bring some casual flair to any occasion. Thepompadour haircutis a dapper hairstyle, so you’re going to put your own allled spin on a classic style, and with little effort!


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