Kinky Braids Afro

An eruption of fashion and trendy overtones happens when two black hair styles intersect. Wear those kinky braids that are expected to get some envious looks in a perfect natural Afro. When it comes to kinky hair, Afro will always reign! Trimmed Afro Haircut for Black Men

Remember the look of Lenny Kravitz? The African hairstyles he wears are nothing short of amazing. So, if you flaunt cool curls like his too, let them grow naturally.

Amazing Razor Shaped Black Mens Afro Hairstyle

As if the neatly trimmed Afro isnt enough to earn some extra fashion points, the barber razor-shaped edges just look amazing. Dare to try this summers haircut. It is a quality that is assured.

Taper Fade and Short Afro Top

For black men with naturally tight curls, it cant get much better than this haircut. Its a haircut that makes styling super easy. Try it this summer for size. Youll be shocked at how comfortable this haircut is and how easy it is to wear in every environment.

Top Muffin and Fade Afro Taper. Black Men Haircut

Normally a muffin top gets a bit of bad rap. Nonetheless, dont worry. This is one of the hottest black men haircuts in the fall. Keep it clean and sealed.

Stylish Trimmed Afro Haircut for Black Men

If the Afro is well trimmed, class and style can only be spelled. Defines the correct length and makes the magic of your hairstylist.

Black Mens Trimmed Afro Haircut

Unlike other Afro hairstyles to experiment for, this one features much longer locks. Use performance hair products to improve your hairstyles beauty and effortless volume feel.


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Afro Fade

As one of black mens best haircuts, the afro fade is about short sides and a wild curly top. The afro fade with curly twists is a variation of the box cut, allowing for more natural hair growth on top, with less maintenance needed than the box fade

The sides and back of the hair are faded high, low and skin/bald. In complete contrast to the fading taper, about-inches of hair are left on top of the head to grow out and style in whatever way you want.
In addition, the afro top can be long or short with waves, twists and nappy black hair for a big finish.

Shape Up Short Afro Fade

Rough and Afro Mid Skin Fade

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Shape Up Short Afro Fade

Rough and Afro

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Shape Up Short Afro Fade


Rough and Afro

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Spiky Afro

In fact, spiky hair seems extremely funky. Its also one of the hairstyles black men can reinvent themselves. Use some styling material to cover your fingertips and curl individual strands around them.

Shaved or Faded Afro

Whether you prefer short black male hairstyles, you could diversify them with some amusing elements such as shaving or fading. You could style your hair however you want and compliment it with a high, mid- or low-level fade haircut or a shaved part.

Medium Afro Curls With Low Fade

If your hair is coily enough to maintain the shape when it is medium in length, then we see no reason why you should be shorter. Medium Afro curls look glamorous and complex, especially when combined with any kind of fade. Choose a low skin fade with a line up if you prefer to leave more hair on the head.

The Wide Afro

If you like the concept of an Afro when it comes to black mens hairstyles but you dont like too much pouf or blowout, you can always pick a wide afro. It means you get a lot of length but none of the classic afros width or Bandanna

Another way you can vamp your hairstyle is by adding a bandanna to it. Its a very chic product that definitely makes a comeback. You can choose the pattern and colors to match your hair and eyes.

College Prep Afro

Heres a vintage-in-vintage hairstyle filter. Plus, you can really look like a prep college boy from the s if you wear the right outfit. After all, its all about getting a great sense of style.

Low Fade Afro

An Afro fade is also a nice cut if you don’t want the profile of the globe but something more sleek and modern.

Short Afro

Afro hairstyle has always been one of the traditional staples for any black guy. Nevertheless, long and medium afros can take a lot of time to fashion and take care of every day. But that doesnt mean you cant have an afro because you can go with a fairly short afro with the same styling points but less effort.

Low Tapered Afro

The afro puff is about the natural curls to enjoy. The low taper gives a unique look and personality to the puff. Overall, this black men short and fashionable hairstyle is chic, elegant and certainly impressive. This gives the whole form fullness and volume gives the face maturity.

Afro Twist

The Afro twist is trendy, stylish and convenient. It’s also suitable for both formal and casual occasions. It’s one of the most popular black men short haircuts.

The Blonde Afro

We love it so much when we see an afro that has been taken to a different level. Afros have been with us for so long, but somehow they always end up looking the same. Thus, when different men put a bit of imagination into their afros, we call it a win.

The Afro Man Bun

Youve heard of the man bun, yeah, youve heard of that man. We bet you havent done that. If you did, though, youre the official guru of our fashion. Overall.6071.jpg />

This longer afro haircut gets a traditional finish from shorter sides and a vertical front from the classic rounded shape instead.

Short Afro Fade

Josh Connolly This short version incorporates a mid fade for a modern look in a different way to rock afro.

Short Afro hairstyles for men

Raul Ponce Ii Afro hairstyles need not be too tall. The shorter version has a rounded profile with much less effort.

Long Afro

Nomad Barber Ldn No matter what year it is, afro is an attention-getting haircut.

Black Boys African

Mark Gaye Children can also rock the look. CopyMake DraftPrev QuillReQuill

Short Afro and Taper Haircut

Most black men like to pair a short afro hairstyle with a taper haircut. It looks incredibly cool and neither is it difficult to care for it. Its a natural hairstyle that will make the curly mane flaunt.

Afro undercut hairstyle

Another type of undercut hairstyle for long hair, the afro look can accentuate the natural curls as best it can. You could wear it to get a modern take on the classic style or braid it for an interesting look to make you stand out in any crowd.

Afro Curls

The primary purpose of natural hair hairstyles is to make frizzy curls function. Understanding the undercut design, its obvious that it can be one of the most convenient options to keep your hair manageable and point-to-point style. Once youve worn one of the undercut black hairstyles, youll see how to make the most of your design.

Tape Up Line Up

Afro Man Bun Undercut Disconnected

can be undercut? Youve certainly got it. Although it is very difficult to manage, the effort is definitely worth a black disconnected undercut. While the undercut is going high low, the look blends perfectly. It would be best not to distinguish the beard from the sideburns, as you already have a disconnected feature in your look.

Afro-Textured Side-Swept Undercut with Short Beard

African-American hair is not easy to handle, but it can be a solution to your problems. Dont forget to use a lot of moisture to keep those curls in place, especially during days with a lot of moisture.

In this post before Afro-Textured Undercut with Man Bun

, so here it is. In its time, the classic man bun has seen a lot of debate, making it the decades most notorious hairstyle. It didnt stop people wearing it anywhere, though.

Afro Undercut

While having an undercut hair at the same time, men who love afro hair can still rock it. It will make all curly haircuts pop and look amazing with a neat effect on the sides, particularly this one. A great choice to try new things for those who enjoy it! You can try so many curly hairstyles. Weve picked the best ones to update and refresh your look without putting a lot of work into dealing with it. Fit to look stylish for men who love it.

Afro Undercut with Curly Hair

African American hairstyles are some of the worlds most glamorous and we fully support people who want to showcase them in all their natural beauty and glory. Heres an African undercut with a very long top. If youre interested in black men with long hair for more hairstyles, heres a whole dedicated to this subject. E12.12.1814.jpg />

Afro with yellow tips

Lets stay on the road of mixing ideas for another second and look at it. Its an exaggerated afro with an undercut, a hard part, and frosted tips painted in yellow marker. Not to mention the earring and massive lip tattoos that appear to have come from two different girls.

Low Tapered Afro

If you like a classic look or need a more relaxed haircut for your work – a low-tempered haircut is a good option for you. The hairline remains intact, but behind the eyes the temple is faded back. It is often combined with a clean shave to make the low temp fade hairstyle stand out for a more dramatic appearance and make it stand out.

Temp Fade with Afro

are some of the most lucky guys when it comes to temple fade haircuts. They can have a full fro and add this useful feature without damaging the rest of their hairstyle. In other words, if this is your case, you can rest assured that your afro will not be affected


Afro style

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Afro Shape Up Fade Style

Most think that the Afro shape is as ingenious as the fade haircut. Sure, it looks unique and most of it comes from the contrast between the hair and the color of the body. In fact, the haircut shape always makes it beautiful to look at.

Big Afro

This dread looks messy and beautiful. What you have to do is put the dreads with fade by beginning around making it spread to what sides.

Low Tapered Afro

You can get them done in the middle first and then tip the dreads to one side. You can also go for various sizes of high top dreads. Some of them may go straight up and one or two of them may hang out. For college goers, its a rather casual hairstyle.

Afro Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

with the aid of a mohawk can also be tastefully styled. Not only does this haircut have form and weight, it also flawlessly contours the all-around look. Consider adding a different color to raise the momentum. Overall.2374.jpg />

Mohawks for Afro-textured Small Curls

African-American men with shorter, finger coil curls can show them off with a mohawk-like haircut. If you want this style of haircut, talk to your barber about cutting your hair at an angle that can make your curls fall to the front.

Small Haircut Afro Caesar

who want to keep it short and easy.

Afro-Textured Haircut waves

There are small chances that you can see naturally in a wavy shape. However, to get a similar look, you could play with the haircut waves. Such waves of deep cutting contribute to any hairstyle dynamism. Overall.3365.jpg />

Modern Afro Haircut

The modern Afro is a great choice for guys with tight kinky curls. With a taper on the side burns and form neckline and update, this isnt your globe style, but a cool look that makes the most of curly hair.

Afro Curls

Afro hair is supposed to be a little long. Its the ultimate trendsetter of medium curly hair cuts. Dont go too thick for black mens hairstyles. Only a neatly cut full head of hair is more than sufficient.


Afro and beard

Most curly hairstyles for men seem to be followed by a long beard. The afro and beard go well together, so if youre looking to keep up with the latest trends in style, it looks like an inspired choice.

Super Short Curly Afros for Black Girls

If youre tired of your long wavy hair, if youre tired of daily fashion, if you want to feel light and comfortable, you should probably think about cutting your hair very short. Its a choice for brave women, of course, but if youre on this page, youre just that kind of woman. These hairdos have many advantages. Second, you wont find more realistic haircut than a short curly afro haircut. Second, theyre easy to keep. Second, they look beautiful! Only look at all these top models and movie stars – theres no dissonance between sophisticated clothes and super-short hairdo, theres only a cool contrast that highlights your femininity!

Cute Short Afro Hairstyles for Black Girl with Curly Hair

As we have already noticed, short curly haircuts can be totally different. And when we mentioned experiments, we really meant experiments! If you want to look like a real rebel (a highly trendy rebel), how about the shaved sides?

Short Afro Curls With Fade

Curly natural hair styles will never be out of style. Tell on the sides and back for a close-fashioned fade. The length on top contributes to natural hairstyles texture and height.

Taper Fade Afro For Curly Hair

Looking for a chic taper fade haircut? How about this sleek taper fade afro? Short sides will maximize the length on top and show off your curls.

Short Afro

What we liked most about this example of mens short curly hairstyles was how amazingly well-designed it is. When you look closely, you will see that the mustache lines, as well as the beard lines, seem almost drawn on the template.

Low Tapered Afro

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Short Afro Hairstyle

is great! Easy to manage, its a perfect choice for any gentlemen blessed with curly hair in his silver years.

Afro-Textured Straight Sliced Back Curls

and a great hairstyle for older men


Big Afro

If you have kinky hair and want to flaunt its natural texture in a trendy way, go to this one. A middle parting lets these curls bounce in all directions so that during the day you can feel highly spirited. For all black boys with curly hair, this haircut is great. The funky energy that comes with this one to your personality can make you much more famous than you are now.

Low Tapered Afro

What better way to enter a new season than with a new haircut as stylish as this? The tiny Afro curls are well combed and turned upwards in a natural puff. The front is cleared to form a distinct boundary while the sides have medium fade just above the ears. Get this one for your boy and see how much he loves it.

Low Skin Fade with Edge Up and Long Afro Twists

Low Tapered Afro

This is a rather traditional Afro haircut. The hair is trimmed rather short in keeping with natural hair drop. Instead of cutting the hair to something different, the natural hair growth pattern is the trend in here. CopyMake DraftPrev QuillReQuill

Short Afro Hard Part

This short Afro haircut gets a stylistic twist with an extended hard parting. One of the very famous little black boy haircuts, its all about punching with traditional hairstyle a dose of intense styling. This is also a no-hassle, easy to maintain haircut for kids in particular.

Teens Short Afro Hairstyle

Black teen boys could go for a short afro thats never out of style. At the moment its a phenomenon.

Thick Curly African

Big Curly African

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Natural Afro

Nothing of course beats black mens long hair! So, those blessed with natural curly hair should consider long hairstyles of this kind of black men as a choice. Why? Because they will stand out in the crown as the events fashion icon. Whats more, what makes a natural afro so perfect is that wearing and styling is really simple. With the aid of a few hair products, make the curls shine in the spotlight.

Tapered Afro

The strength of tapered afro cuts lies in their ability to adapt to all the shapes of the face and hair. The level transformation is what you need to match a full beard with your hair. This is one of those short black hairstyles that is sure to never go out of style!

Afro Temple Fade

If youre not ready to say goodbye to a newly famous Afro style, then weve come up with an idea for you. Why dont you pair it with a sleek touch of fading sides? We love these revamped and trendy black hair styles.

Afro-Textured Hair

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Afro Temple Fade

If youre not ready to say goodbye to a newly famous Afro style, then weve come up with an idea for you. Why dont you pair it with a sleek touch of fading sides? We love these revamped and trendy black hair styles.

Afro-Textured Hair

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Neatly Styled Afro Hairstyle for Black Men

This cool Afro hairstyle can be accomplished in no time if you allow your hair to grow while preserving the haircut structure. Using high-quality hair products to give your hair extra care.

Nice Haircuts for Black Men. Short Styled Afro

When we say Afro hairstyle, we conjure up pictures of s outgrown tight coils of black hair. Nevertheless, a natural Afro is extremely flexible and can build looks from more formal to laid-back.

Afro With Bandana

Wearing bandanas is a perfect way to design your short afro. This hair accessory helps to attract attention to your curves and gives you the appearance of being much larger. Only tie a bandana around your head (make sure its covering your forehead) and push up your curls so it looks like youve got more hair sticking to the middle.

Big Afro

Believe it or not, this afro is still short, but it seems so big because the curls are broken down and combed until the shape is in the frame, not to mention it is painted on a light brown tone. Only comb your hair (with a special comb!) upwards to get this hairstyle, slowly breaking apart the curls until they have this texture. So ensure the hair mousse is added to help keep it in place.

Short Squared Afro

This classic cut is among the most common short hair styles. Essentially, you let the top front of your hair expand instead of opting for a rounder, bigger afro, but you keep it cut in a squared shape. Constant trimming and proper hair care are also required. Fruitful Hair Care Tips for Afro Hair for Black Men

Pushed Back Afro With Big Curls + Hat

The first thing youre going to have to do is curl your natural hair into big, chunky curls standing up from afro. Once youve done so, move your hair back far enough to make your forehead visible. Eventually, without squishing the curls down, put the hat on top of the afro, but instead get to rest on the back of your afro so that the curls can still be seen up front.

Afro Mohawk

-and all back-.

Rounded Afro

This short hair style is quite similar to the standard round afro, but instead of leaving the whole hair long, cut the sides down and leave only the top part long enough to make an afro.

Rounder Puffy Afro

If you already have a traditional short afro you can always try to blow the curls with the aid of a special comb to give it the shine that makes it look like your hair is longer than it really is. What began as a radical declaration now stands as pure art. The fro is now a hairstyle that is adopted throughout the world by more and more men. We have some amazing Afro hairstyles rounded up, open to experimentation for you. You can find new and amazing combinations of African features such as texture, braids, waves, puffs, dreads, and geometric shapes. We have everything you need to change your hairstyle and add some personality and flair. Afro hairstyles are exuberant, vibrant, effervescent.

The Elevated Afro

The Elevated Afro, which is now much more prominent, gives a more vogue look. With nothing more than a comb, a blow dryer, and a couple of full-hand skills, its easy to get. The new African will make you look incredible. Its a lovely mix of traditional and modern. MenHairsylist.coms trending news!

Flat Top Afro Hair

The Box Fade is also known as Flat Top Afro. The hip-hop age staple, the flat top, makes us feel nostalgic and memories are brought back. Its back, though, and the styling is more than plain. Shaved sides with a maximum of 2 centimeters. You can change the length depending on the size of your neck. The 1.925.jpg />

African Natural, Curly, Medium Length

Natural and Curly are synonymous with African. Thats all the Afro. Use it as a basic device of your hairstyle to accept your curls. Let your hair grow, form it, and wear it with pride. Natural, long and curly Afro is an amazing sexy hairstyle that gives some smugness


Short Afro

The short Afro is a perfect choice when you want to look company. Short hair cut. But its not too short. Of reality, the Afros charm is the curls. So let your curls look and hold the feel of the Afro. Classy, classy. The 1.927.jpg />

The Afro Quiff Fashion

This hairstyle makes a very trendy Afro look. This retains the skin of Afro, but its pure art styling. Its a style that comes with a strong message and a positive attitude. There are many things that can reflect afro hairstyles. We have reached a point where Afro hair is more than a fashion word. Origins, convenience, and fashion were welcomed. A winning combination of old, bold and chic is the Afro Quiff.

Red Round African

It takes guts to wear a bold shade for your Afro. Its mostly a leap out of the ordinary to ding some spice to your round Afro. That is ensured by the option of color. An important step is to carefully determine the form of your dye. Afro hair can be easily damaged because of its unusual texture.

High Fade Short Afro

A very traditional hair style with shaved sides and short top hair. Also, many people wear it because it gives some of the Nwa home. Theres certainly the attitude. On the big screen, we saw it as a freakishly warm street style, too, and we cant get enough of it.

Afro Twists

This is a common hairstyle among men who want their hair to be more individual. The truth is that the hair twists offer an incredibly charming and trendy look. Big, spiky, undercut, and more. We give this twisting of Afro a very engaging feel. Read on and find out about the other twists that will make your jaw drop and you might find the perfect match for your makeup


Afro Puffs

Weve got one word describing African puffs. Unbelievable. The puffs make one heck of a claim, forward and brave. Maybe youve seen more of the Afro puff. Just like in one. The puffs are out of the ordinary. We are certain that the fro is no longer a hairdo confined to the 60s with this Afro hairstyle.

High Afro Twists

When it comes to twists, there is no specific hair shape. Theres a certain distance. It must be long enough to encourage you to twist and remain like that, small or large hair pieces. The method is straightforward. Take a hair

Spikes Locs Afro

Locs, dreads, Dreadlocks short are part of many African hairstyles. The dreads are not very easy to maintain, they require a professional full hand and a lot of attention to hold. This comes in all forms and sizes. Quick, long, underscored, with beads. Read on to learn more about the dreads.

Short Afro Waves

This is an Afro hairstyle that requires a lot of work and patience, although it is short. Each night youll need to sleep with a du rag and brush your hair for about an hour every day. Nonetheless, this short Afro waves really explain all the effort. It is extremely seductive.

Bun Afro Undercut

The best thing about African hairstyles is that you can mix it any way you want. Braids, buns, short, thick, angled buns from the dreadlocks. There are so many differences in it. You can easily create and be different in your own hairstyle. Or you can pick an existing one and add a touch of your own. Its like an egg.

African Taper Fade with Highlighted Twists

This is another favorite mens African hairstyle. The Afro taper fade comes with smooth shaved sides with or without the twists, faded as it rises to the top. The twisted colored locks look absolutely amazing, creating a

Wavy Fade Afro Pomp

This is another sleek and fashionable look, talking of immaculate. An excellent hairstyle is the wavy fading Afro pump. It comes with some charm, and you need to be irresistible exactly that. Charismatic and with that je ne sais quoi. Make sure youre going to a professional barber. Its a very tough one to get.

Short Afro for Receiving Line

Dont think for a second that long, curly hair has no downward trend. Perhaps les than the normal hair, but its there. Fortunately, to cover that, we have a sexy hairstyle. The short line-back Afro is just what you need. We think its mature, warm and gracious


Afro Bun Hairstyle

An Afro bun is another way to turn heads and get out of the crowd. A very urban street look thats easy to pull off and keep. Make sure you visit your barber frequently because you need to keep the fade below dry.

Geometric Shaped Afro

This futuristic haircut was influenced by the popular hairstylist Jamie Stevens. This hair look is probably more suitable for the catwalk, suggesting half masculinity and half femininity. An Afro hairstyle proves that it still has some aces up the sleeves, albeit time-worn.

Afro Caesar Cut

2000 years later, the Roman Emperors hairstyle option remains a challenge. A Caesar-cut Afro is a winning combination. For this hairstyle, though, the front line is significant. It is cut to draw attention to the ears and the height of the chin. Its a look that has a big impact. Manly and elegant. Purple Afro Crew Cut

Brief recap


Orange, green, purple,

This is an edgy African hairstyle that looks totally jaw-dropping. The striking contrast between the top hair in platinum and the black hair in the face gives you the star feel. With light olive skin tones, the platinum blonde Afro looks amazing, not to mention that it brings out the best facial features.

Unkempt Afro

Its just a hair style to keep your hair unkempt. When you move it with your hands to one side of your head, youre going to make it more chic. The truth is, this only works best for the texture of Afro. Its crazy how cool-free Afro hairstyles are.

Afro hairstyles will always represent first and foremost a unique style, culture and fashion. Afro hairstyles versatility is growing every year. Therefore, by bringing new, modern twists, all men out there tend to grow their individuality. Afro emphasizes a chic, organic, playful hairstyle. Just seeing a person with a willingness to express a sense of fashion and a striking appearance is nothing more rewarding.

How to Wear Low Tapered Afro + Styling Ideas

Make your jawline and cheekbones show while accentuating your male side. If youre fortunate enough to have dramatic Afro waves, why not complete your look with low tapered haircut ideas for one out of our 7 afro? Here, were going to teach you how to style your hair and let you in on some secrets of styling.

How to Style Low Taper Fade Afro

Start with dry hair and clean towel. Make sure you cut the sides of your hairdresser as much as you would like. Never cut them on your own because there is a slim chance you will even be able to get both pieces. Target=blank

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How to Style Low Tapered Afro + Styling Ideas

If youre fortunate enough to have dramatic Afro waves, why not … < h1 > 58 dark anime boy hair < /h1 >

Afro Taper Fade

Great for all. Look at the normal haircut tapered. Taper black haircut and taper black men haircuts can quickly combine many patterns. This famous low-fade haircut accentuates, slowly decreases, and then disappears the curls of this young man. Its his only thing. The hair length reduces as it slowly descends from the peak until it disappears. The curls at the top were shaped in different ways.

Big Afro Styles for Black Men That Are So Cool

Tease the hair from the roots to the ends with a teasing brush. Target=blank Mens Hairstyle Trends to Try in 2019 — Mens Fashion Depending on your favorite hairstyle, comb your hair up or down. Improve your curls by letting them dry air or brush them out, depending on your favorite hairstyle. Continue to comb and style the hair until a perfectly rounded broad afro hairstyle is achieved. Complete the look with some hair gel or curl serum enhancement. How to cut the hair of Black Men- 10 steps

Symmetrical Line-Up Big Afro

Afro hair may sometimes look too messy thats why some people dont like it. But if you get a symmetrical hairstyle line-up then youll get a sharp look. You dont have to worry about having a crazy big afro hairdo now.

High Volume Afro Combed Upwards

If you have an unusual personality and are not afraid to attract attention, its a hairstyle for you. If you have extremely voluminous hair in particular, with this big afro and a lot of styling gel, you can make the volume even more noticeable. Achieve this look by teasing and combing the hair upwards.

Mens Natural African Hairstyles

Theres no better way to start thinking about mens African hairstyles than with a natural instance. Of course, this quality describes afro hairstyles, but here you can see an untamed edition that can rock any man of African descent.

Soft Afro Curls

for men with smoother afro-textured hair which naturally occurs when left to grow longer.
MenHairstylesWorld target=blank

Low Tapered Afro

Medium Afros

equilibrium may also be a key feature of Afro. You can shape your afro to be just the right size if youre not the one to lean to extremes. The medium afro is not too simplistic or too flashy for a composed hairstyle.

African Hairstyles Low Taper Fade for Men

Essentially, both sides and back should shave you all the way up to your hairline. Here, to complete the look, we suggest a shorter afro.

Mini Afro Styles

By the way, we would like to show the mini afro as our own hairstyle. We highly recommend it to rock an afro in the first place as a casual, everyday alternative. You wont have to make an effort to dress it, nor will it be too showy if youre operating in a corporate setting


Retro Afros

The old school variant of an afro can not be missed. What gained prominence among retro lovers in the 60s and 70s is still highly trendy today. Take the new fro from his Jackson 5 days from Michael Jackson, and youll know what were talking about!

Undercut or fading Afro hairstyles for men

can help you to manage your Afro more easily.

Sculpted Afro Hairstyles

Sculpted afro is really a fine-looking man. In a nutshell, while giving it an elegant look, its a way to embrace your natural hair texture. There are various ways, beginning with the illustration in the picture above, to sport a sculpted afro. Afro Man Buns

Mens Large Afro Hairstyles

afro, with the largest possible length. What type your face is, it doesnt matter – youll look awesome. Short Sides Afro

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Thin Sideburns mens Afro hairstyles

We love how well this afro hairstyle is. The clean afro also has some pretty cool sideburns with just a touch of tapering on the ends. The barber opted for thin and elegant sideburns rather than using a classically thick style.

Line Up Afro Hairstyles for Men

all point to the same haircut – the one that rectangularly contours your hairline, with 90-degree angles on either side of your head. Its easy to see why people often use the line-up haircut for afro hairstyles. The 1.847.jpg />

Messy Afros

is always going to be attractive. You can rely on a messy afro to meet your beauty needs, whether you have a bad boy look or just like to wear your hair as it is. The trick should be accomplished by mid-length locks.


African hairstyles for men with dreads

for their hair. We prefer the freeform style, also known as normal, organic or neglect dreadlocks, although there are multiple ways to get dreads.

Ombre Afros

What about reviving any color in your hairstyle? A popular idea is to dye the top part in a color complementing your personality for tapered afros. The choice is copper or blonde in many situations, but you are free to choose your favorite voice.

Asymmetrical mens Afro hairstyles

If youre an outgoing person, you might want to have the confidence to try mens asymmetrical mens afro hairstyles. We may not be a take on afros ideal for everyone, but on unusual guys we certainly look amazing.

Curly Bangs Afro Hairstyles for Men

For bigger afros, youll likely have some curl action on your forehead as well. You might not want this long approach all around, however. Think about getting an undercut for the rest of your afro hairstyle if you want to keep only the bangs part.

Spiky Afro Mens Hairstyles

performance, simply tap some hair product on your fingertips and start twisting the tips of individual strands.

Afro Beards

A full head of afro-textured hair is not appropriate for all men. Some may simply want to shave their head completely, but somehow still retain an Afro dimension. If you have a good beard that you are willing to grow and groom, its easy to achieve.

Mens Surgical Line Afro Hairstyles

Rasped lines are good, but for some it may be too easy. A surgical row would be the odd alternative to a shaved line. Its established by beginning the half-temple line and curbing it as you get to your neck back.

Angular Afros

We are delighted to show the angular fringes afro-texture adaptation. The angular afro is tapered on the back and on the edges, influenced by the aforementioned hairstyle. The afro part is positioned at an angle above the forehead as you get to the middle.

Afro Hairstyles for Men with Nape Designs

within your napes V part to simply identify your Afro.

New School Afro Hairstyles

In addition to mens traditional afro hairstyles, their new school equivalents contain two specific components: dreadlocks and undercuts. The portion of the dreads can be from nose to chin length, or even longer, anywhere. Occasionally, like the silver used in this example, you will even see a different hair color.

Brushed Up Afro Dreads

If youve opted to go with freeform dreadlocks, you can begin to think about the overall shape to bring them. If you dont want them to grow at all angles, you could slowly form them all around to be brushed up.


Tall Mens Afro Hairstyles

If youre really ambitious, you could grow a giant afro that will turn your heads. Nonetheless, you can wear a big afro in different ways. If youre not in a big circular shape, you might be able to style your afro as an alternative to being tall and long.

Half Up Hairstyles

Half up hairstyles fit with all sorts of mens African hairstyles as long as the hair is long enough. For example, men with longer dreads may get a similar result to the one in the above photo. Even so, with natural afro waves, it will look just as impressive.

African Hairstyles for Men with Highlights

You can add a range of colors to your hairstyle. If youre not up for a half-and – a-half approach, just to make your locks look more vibrant, you can throw some highlights. Divtionally, the curl form will be better defined by highlights.

Side Afros

Regardless of whether you have a receding hairline or prefer a distinctive shape for your afro, you can style yours with a side part. Make sure you build the part when your hair is still damp after washing it so that after drying it can retain the shape. The 1.869.jpg />

African hairstyles for men with headbands

Many men may have issues with long and curly hair, particularly if they are athletes. All you need to do is use a headband to hold the curls out of your face and manage the situation. Choose a headband based on metal or cloth, depending on your preferences.


Afros with mid-fades

, but what about going to yours halfway? To get a win – win scenario, you can choose a mid-fade. On the sides and back, your hair will taper at an inch or two above your eyes.

Afros for Older Men

to suit your top with a rather long beard.
For other hair textures,

Peaked Afro hairstyles for men

Colorful mens Afro hairstyles

draw attention to the fact that vibrant colors such as blue, green or even pink can be a good way to express yourself through your hairstyle.

Punk Afros

is the secret to getting your hair to grow longer. Besides this, to accentuate the upper part, you must fully shave the sides. Youre going to look and sound like a rock star in the end.

Best Afro Hairstyles For Men

It should not be a boring search to get and fashion the best Afro hairstyles for men. Black guys have a lot of options when it comes to designing a dope look with so many cool ways to style afro haircuts – short, long or curly. Of course, men with thick and kinky hair have their own set of challenges. While there are a lot of different afro cuts and styles, guys still have to keep their hair, and its not easy to work with afro hair. Black men with afros will find some of the best examples for their hair with our guide below as well as learn how to grow their afro hairstyles. Our collection of pictures features the freshest forms of afro styles for black men in 2019, from the micro afro to the curly afro fade to the flat top.

How to Get and Style An Afro

Other hair tips to develop and style an afro include: Start combing your hair and begin using your fingers or a pick to help loosen your curls and pinch your hair. Choose the right Afro hairstyle for you and start changing the shape of your hair to suit the look. Keep your hair moisturized and conditioned with butters, creams, or essential oils. Afro hair is capable of getting dry, nappy and very frizzy, so a good coconut oil or shea butter will help you keep your hair free of frizz. You wont grow up overnight or get a flawless Afro. Be careful and carry on with it. Mens hair usually grows at about 1/2 inch every month, so it takes time and perseverance to develop out of a natural afro.

Types of Afros

Although there are many trendy hairstyles for black men, certain cuts and styles are more appropriate for certain types of hair and texture. If you have thick, kinky hair, it may be easier to grow and style a high afro. If you have tight curls, it may look better for a short tapered afro. We generally recommend tapered or fading sides to highlight the trendy hairstyle on top as part of the short sides, long top mens hair trend. Some guys may want an African all around, though. Some ways to adapt your look to your personality include asking for a line up or shape up from your barber. A line-up haircut will allow your barber to form your hairline and neckline using trimmers.

Best Afro Styles For Men

– the short buzzing sides make it easier to get Afro. Or skin fade with shape up or hair style on the sides. Sculpting the hairline around the temples to create a fresh, clean cut can be a great line up. Try this years best Afro models and haircuts! Whether youre looking for a short or long afro, flat top or side part with twists, thick waves or dreads, these are the best afro hairstyles youll get in 2019. Each guy should be able to find a cut and style they love with so many different types of afros hairstyles!

Short Afro

Mini or mini afro is a favorite barbershop – a low-maintenance style that helps you to grow your hair on top without the hassle of a big afro director. By cutting off split ends to allow new growth, a daily trim will keep your hair safe.


Long Afro Hair

Long afro hairstyles give a lot of possibilities to men. Some black men like their hair to grow and keep it high and wide in style. It requires regular combing and outstanding hair care, but with form, weight, and width, the end result is a big badass afro. Some prefer flowing down their long afro. If you have long curly hair or twists, this can be especially trendy.


Afro + Shape Up

A prime example of good style is this high tapered afro with a line up. The Afro taper all around is formed evenly and naturally. The sideburns are slightly fading, and a trendy finish is given by the full beard.

High Skin Fade + Line Up + Afro

Long curly afro hairstyles are great on the sides and back with a high bald fade. Faded sides that center the eyes on the longer hair on top of the skin cut down. This example comes with a clean edge up as well. The sharp edges give this style a modern look, beginning along the hairline and curving around the temples and to the beard.

Afro with curls

It is a good way to use the texture of your natural hair to your advantage to grow a short curly fro. Although curly hair can sometimes be difficult to manage and command, the best way to get a simple but fashionable black mens hairstyle is to style a curly afro with short hair.

Faded Afro + Kinky Hair

This high skin fade with short twists offers a unique approach to very short Afro styles. If you want to style an afro but dont want to deal with increasing thick, nappy hair, then its for you this simple hairstyle.

Curly Afro Fade + Groomed Beard

With natural curly and nappy hair, afro hairstyles fit well with all hair types. In addition, the use of a specific texture to make the different types of afros is one way to stand out. Add thick kinky hair on top and goatee, this tapered afro results in an edgy, sleek hairstyle



Mini Afro + Part + Smooth Beard Shape

The smooth way to customize your haircut is to have an afro part. Ask your barber to send you the afro part, whether you want a side part afro or just a thick section shaved in your hair on top. Tempel Fade + Afro

Low Fade + Short Afro with Curls


Low Fade + Short Afro with Curls

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Low Fade + Short Afro with Curls

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Curly Afro + High Fade + Edge Up

How to Comb Male Afro Hair: Simple Fast Steps

Its something to be proud of having a natural Afro hair. This means you can demonstrate an elegant and cool style naturally. But we must admit that it is quite a challenge to take care of this hair with its kinky texture, even to brush it can be like a study.

Short Afro hairstyles Thats fashionable for men in

Lets talk about afros, or better yet, lets talk about mens short afro hairstyle to try. You see, this unique African-American hairstyle is extremely versatile, and this is not something people realize. Thats why well be showcasing 21 exclusive, funky short afro hairstyles today that you can try. Trust us, with these haircuts you wont get bored.

Amazing Short Afro Styles For Guys

These are the most common short afro looks for this years black men to rock and revamp their appearance.

Low Tapered Africans

who are unable or unwilling to let their hair grow, let alone the natural shape of their curls. Target=blank Mens Hairstyle Trends to Try in 2019-Mens Fashion To get this haircut just ask your barber for an even cut, meaning both the top, back and sides of your hair should be the same length, and long enough to reveal your curls.

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