Afro With Bandana

Wearing bandanas is a perfect way to design your short afro. This hair accessory helps to attract attention to your curves and gives you the appearance of being much larger. Only tie a bandana around your head (make sure its covering your forehead) and push up your curls so it looks like youve got more hair sticking to the middle.

Big Afro

Believe it or not, this afro is still short, but it seems so big because the curls are broken down and combed until the shape is in the frame, not to mention it is painted on a light brown tone. Only comb your hair (with a special comb!) upwards to get this hairstyle, slowly breaking apart the curls until they have this texture. So ensure the hair mousse is added to help keep it in place.

Short Squared Afro

This classic cut is among the most common short hair styles. Essentially, you let the top front of your hair expand instead of opting for a rounder, bigger afro, but you keep it cut in a squared shape. Constant trimming and proper hair care are also required. Fruitful Hair Care Tips for Afro Hair for Black Men

Pushed Back Afro With Big Curls + Hat

The first thing youre going to have to do is curl your natural hair into big, chunky curls standing up from afro. Once youve done so, move your hair back far enough to make your forehead visible. Eventually, without squishing the curls down, put the hat on top of the afro, but instead get to rest on the back of your afro so that the curls can still be seen up front.

Afro Mohawk

-and all back-.

Rounded Afro

This short hair style is quite similar to the standard round afro, but instead of leaving the whole hair long, cut the sides down and leave only the top part long enough to make an afro.

Rounder Puffy Afro

If you already have a traditional short afro you can always try to blow the curls with the aid of a special comb to give it the shine that makes it look like your hair is longer than it really is. What began as a radical declaration now stands as pure art. The fro is now a hairstyle that is adopted throughout the world by more and more men. We have some amazing Afro hairstyles rounded up, open to experimentation for you. You can find new and amazing combinations of African features such as texture, braids, waves, puffs, dreads, and geometric shapes. We have everything you need to change your hairstyle and add some personality and flair. Afro hairstyles are exuberant, vibrant, effervescent.

The Elevated Afro

The Elevated Afro, which is now much more prominent, gives a more vogue look. With nothing more than a comb, a blow dryer, and a couple of full-hand skills, its easy to get. The new African will make you look incredible. Its a lovely mix of traditional and modern. MenHairsylist.coms trending news!

Flat Top Afro Hair

The Box Fade is also known as Flat Top Afro. The hip-hop age staple, the flat top, makes us feel nostalgic and memories are brought back. Its back, though, and the styling is more than plain. Shaved sides with a maximum of 2 centimeters. You can change the length depending on the size of your neck. The 1.925.jpg />

African Natural, Curly, Medium Length

Natural and Curly are synonymous with African. Thats all the Afro. Use it as a basic device of your hairstyle to accept your curls. Let your hair grow, form it, and wear it with pride. Natural, long and curly Afro is an amazing sexy hairstyle that gives some smugness


Short Afro

The short Afro is a perfect choice when you want to look company. Short hair cut. But its not too short. Of reality, the Afros charm is the curls. So let your curls look and hold the feel of the Afro. Classy, classy. The 1.927.jpg />

The Afro Quiff Fashion

This hairstyle makes a very trendy Afro look. This retains the skin of Afro, but its pure art styling. Its a style that comes with a strong message and a positive attitude. There are many things that can reflect afro hairstyles. We have reached a point where Afro hair is more than a fashion word. Origins, convenience, and fashion were welcomed. A winning combination of old, bold and chic is the Afro Quiff.

Red Round African

It takes guts to wear a bold shade for your Afro. Its mostly a leap out of the ordinary to ding some spice to your round Afro. That is ensured by the option of color. An important step is to carefully determine the form of your dye. Afro hair can be easily damaged because of its unusual texture.

High Fade Short Afro

A very traditional hair style with shaved sides and short top hair. Also, many people wear it because it gives some of the Nwa home. Theres certainly the attitude. On the big screen, we saw it as a freakishly warm street style, too, and we cant get enough of it.

Afro Twists

This is a common hairstyle among men who want their hair to be more individual. The truth is that the hair twists offer an incredibly charming and trendy look. Big, spiky, undercut, and more. We give this twisting of Afro a very engaging feel. Read on and find out about the other twists that will make your jaw drop and you might find the perfect match for your makeup


Afro Puffs

Weve got one word describing African puffs. Unbelievable. The puffs make one heck of a claim, forward and brave. Maybe youve seen more of the Afro puff. Just like in one. The puffs are out of the ordinary. We are certain that the fro is no longer a hairdo confined to the 60s with this Afro hairstyle.

High Afro Twists

When it comes to twists, there is no specific hair shape. Theres a certain distance. It must be long enough to encourage you to twist and remain like that, small or large hair pieces. The method is straightforward. Take a hair

Spikes Locs Afro

Locs, dreads, Dreadlocks short are part of many African hairstyles. The dreads are not very easy to maintain, they require a professional full hand and a lot of attention to hold. This comes in all forms and sizes. Quick, long, underscored, with beads. Read on to learn more about the dreads.

Short Afro Waves

This is an Afro hairstyle that requires a lot of work and patience, although it is short. Each night youll need to sleep with a du rag and brush your hair for about an hour every day. Nonetheless, this short Afro waves really explain all the effort. It is extremely seductive.

Bun Afro Undercut

The best thing about African hairstyles is that you can mix it any way you want. Braids, buns, short, thick, angled buns from the dreadlocks. There are so many differences in it. You can easily create and be different in your own hairstyle. Or you can pick an existing one and add a touch of your own. Its like an egg.

African Taper Fade with Highlighted Twists

This is another favorite mens African hairstyle. The Afro taper fade comes with smooth shaved sides with or without the twists, faded as it rises to the top. The twisted colored locks look absolutely amazing, creating a

Wavy Fade Afro Pomp

This is another sleek and fashionable look, talking of immaculate. An excellent hairstyle is the wavy fading Afro pump. It comes with some charm, and you need to be irresistible exactly that. Charismatic and with that je ne sais quoi. Make sure youre going to a professional barber. Its a very tough one to get.

Short Afro for Receiving Line

Dont think for a second that long, curly hair has no downward trend. Perhaps les than the normal hair, but its there. Fortunately, to cover that, we have a sexy hairstyle. The short line-back Afro is just what you need. We think its mature, warm and gracious


Afro Bun Hairstyle

An Afro bun is another way to turn heads and get out of the crowd. A very urban street look thats easy to pull off and keep. Make sure you visit your barber frequently because you need to keep the fade below dry.

Geometric Shaped Afro

This futuristic haircut was influenced by the popular hairstylist Jamie Stevens. This hair look is probably more suitable for the catwalk, suggesting half masculinity and half femininity. An Afro hairstyle proves that it still has some aces up the sleeves, albeit time-worn.

Afro Caesar Cut

2000 years later, the Roman Emperors hairstyle option remains a challenge. A Caesar-cut Afro is a winning combination. For this hairstyle, though, the front line is significant. It is cut to draw attention to the ears and the height of the chin. Its a look that has a big impact. Manly and elegant. Purple Afro Crew Cut

Brief recap


Orange, green, purple,

This is an edgy African hairstyle that looks totally jaw-dropping. The striking contrast between the top hair in platinum and the black hair in the face gives you the star feel. With light olive skin tones, the platinum blonde Afro looks amazing, not to mention that it brings out the best facial features.

Unkempt Afro

Its just a hair style to keep your hair unkempt. When you move it with your hands to one side of your head, youre going to make it more chic. The truth is, this only works best for the texture of Afro. Its crazy how cool-free Afro hairstyles are.

Afro hairstyles will always represent first and foremost a unique style, culture and fashion. Afro hairstyles versatility is growing every year. Therefore, by bringing new, modern twists, all men out there tend to grow their individuality. Afro emphasizes a chic, organic, playful hairstyle. Just seeing a person with a willingness to express a sense of fashion and a striking appearance is nothing more rewarding.

How to Wear Low Tapered Afro + Styling Ideas

Make your jawline and cheekbones show while accentuating your male side. If youre fortunate enough to have dramatic Afro waves, why not complete your look with low tapered haircut ideas for one out of our 7 afro? Here, were going to teach you how to style your hair and let you in on some secrets of styling.

How to Style Low Taper Fade Afro

Start with dry hair and clean towel. Make sure you cut the sides of your hairdresser as much as you would like. Never cut them on your own because there is a slim chance you will even be able to get both pieces. Target=blank

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Afro Taper Fade

Great for all. Look at the normal haircut tapered. Taper black haircut and taper black men haircuts can quickly combine many patterns. This famous low-fade haircut accentuates, slowly decreases, and then disappears the curls of this young man. Its his only thing. The hair length reduces as it slowly descends from the peak until it disappears. The curls at the top were shaped in different ways.


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