Big Afro Styles for Black Men That Are So Cool

Tease the hair from the roots to the ends with a teasing brush. Target=blank Mens Hairstyle Trends to Try in 2019 — Mens Fashion Depending on your favorite hairstyle, comb your hair up or down. Improve your curls by letting them dry air or brush them out, depending on your favorite hairstyle. Continue to comb and style the hair until a perfectly rounded broad afro hairstyle is achieved. Complete the look with some hair gel or curl serum enhancement. How to cut the hair of Black Men- 10 steps

Symmetrical Line-Up Big Afro

Afro hair may sometimes look too messy thats why some people dont like it. But if you get a symmetrical hairstyle line-up then youll get a sharp look. You dont have to worry about having a crazy big afro hairdo now.

High Volume Afro Combed Upwards

If you have an unusual personality and are not afraid to attract attention, its a hairstyle for you. If you have extremely voluminous hair in particular, with this big afro and a lot of styling gel, you can make the volume even more noticeable. Achieve this look by teasing and combing the hair upwards.

Mens Natural African Hairstyles

Theres no better way to start thinking about mens African hairstyles than with a natural instance. Of course, this quality describes afro hairstyles, but here you can see an untamed edition that can rock any man of African descent.

Soft Afro Curls

for men with smoother afro-textured hair which naturally occurs when left to grow longer.
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Low Tapered Afro

Medium Afros

equilibrium may also be a key feature of Afro. You can shape your afro to be just the right size if youre not the one to lean to extremes. The medium afro is not too simplistic or too flashy for a composed hairstyle.

African Hairstyles Low Taper Fade for Men

Essentially, both sides and back should shave you all the way up to your hairline. Here, to complete the look, we suggest a shorter afro.

Mini Afro Styles

By the way, we would like to show the mini afro as our own hairstyle. We highly recommend it to rock an afro in the first place as a casual, everyday alternative. You wont have to make an effort to dress it, nor will it be too showy if youre operating in a corporate setting


Retro Afros

The old school variant of an afro can not be missed. What gained prominence among retro lovers in the 60s and 70s is still highly trendy today. Take the new fro from his Jackson 5 days from Michael Jackson, and youll know what were talking about!

Undercut or fading Afro hairstyles for men

can help you to manage your Afro more easily.

Sculpted Afro Hairstyles

Sculpted afro is really a fine-looking man. In a nutshell, while giving it an elegant look, its a way to embrace your natural hair texture. There are various ways, beginning with the illustration in the picture above, to sport a sculpted afro. Afro Man Buns

Mens Large Afro Hairstyles

afro, with the largest possible length. What type your face is, it doesnt matter – youll look awesome. Short Sides Afro

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Thin Sideburns mens Afro hairstyles

We love how well this afro hairstyle is. The clean afro also has some pretty cool sideburns with just a touch of tapering on the ends. The barber opted for thin and elegant sideburns rather than using a classically thick style.

Line Up Afro Hairstyles for Men

all point to the same haircut – the one that rectangularly contours your hairline, with 90-degree angles on either side of your head. Its easy to see why people often use the line-up haircut for afro hairstyles. The 1.847.jpg />

Messy Afros

is always going to be attractive. You can rely on a messy afro to meet your beauty needs, whether you have a bad boy look or just like to wear your hair as it is. The trick should be accomplished by mid-length locks.


African hairstyles for men with dreads

for their hair. We prefer the freeform style, also known as normal, organic or neglect dreadlocks, although there are multiple ways to get dreads.

Ombre Afros

What about reviving any color in your hairstyle? A popular idea is to dye the top part in a color complementing your personality for tapered afros. The choice is copper or blonde in many situations, but you are free to choose your favorite voice.

Asymmetrical mens Afro hairstyles

If youre an outgoing person, you might want to have the confidence to try mens asymmetrical mens afro hairstyles. We may not be a take on afros ideal for everyone, but on unusual guys we certainly look amazing.

Curly Bangs Afro Hairstyles for Men

For bigger afros, youll likely have some curl action on your forehead as well. You might not want this long approach all around, however. Think about getting an undercut for the rest of your afro hairstyle if you want to keep only the bangs part.

Spiky Afro Mens Hairstyles

performance, simply tap some hair product on your fingertips and start twisting the tips of individual strands.

Afro Beards

A full head of afro-textured hair is not appropriate for all men. Some may simply want to shave their head completely, but somehow still retain an Afro dimension. If you have a good beard that you are willing to grow and groom, its easy to achieve.

Mens Surgical Line Afro Hairstyles

Rasped lines are good, but for some it may be too easy. A surgical row would be the odd alternative to a shaved line. Its established by beginning the half-temple line and curbing it as you get to your neck back.

Angular Afros

We are delighted to show the angular fringes afro-texture adaptation. The angular afro is tapered on the back and on the edges, influenced by the aforementioned hairstyle. The afro part is positioned at an angle above the forehead as you get to the middle.

Afro Hairstyles for Men with Nape Designs

within your napes V part to simply identify your Afro.

New School Afro Hairstyles

In addition to mens traditional afro hairstyles, their new school equivalents contain two specific components: dreadlocks and undercuts. The portion of the dreads can be from nose to chin length, or even longer, anywhere. Occasionally, like the silver used in this example, you will even see a different hair color.

Brushed Up Afro Dreads

If youve opted to go with freeform dreadlocks, you can begin to think about the overall shape to bring them. If you dont want them to grow at all angles, you could slowly form them all around to be brushed up.


Tall Mens Afro Hairstyles

If youre really ambitious, you could grow a giant afro that will turn your heads. Nonetheless, you can wear a big afro in different ways. If youre not in a big circular shape, you might be able to style your afro as an alternative to being tall and long.

Half Up Hairstyles

Half up hairstyles fit with all sorts of mens African hairstyles as long as the hair is long enough. For example, men with longer dreads may get a similar result to the one in the above photo. Even so, with natural afro waves, it will look just as impressive.

African Hairstyles for Men with Highlights

You can add a range of colors to your hairstyle. If youre not up for a half-and – a-half approach, just to make your locks look more vibrant, you can throw some highlights. Divtionally, the curl form will be better defined by highlights.

Side Afros

Regardless of whether you have a receding hairline or prefer a distinctive shape for your afro, you can style yours with a side part. Make sure you build the part when your hair is still damp after washing it so that after drying it can retain the shape. The 1.869.jpg />

African hairstyles for men with headbands

Many men may have issues with long and curly hair, particularly if they are athletes. All you need to do is use a headband to hold the curls out of your face and manage the situation. Choose a headband based on metal or cloth, depending on your preferences.


Afros with mid-fades

, but what about going to yours halfway? To get a win – win scenario, you can choose a mid-fade. On the sides and back, your hair will taper at an inch or two above your eyes.

Afros for Older Men

to suit your top with a rather long beard.
For other hair textures,

Peaked Afro hairstyles for men

Colorful mens Afro hairstyles

draw attention to the fact that vibrant colors such as blue, green or even pink can be a good way to express yourself through your hairstyle.

Punk Afros

is the secret to getting your hair to grow longer. Besides this, to accentuate the upper part, you must fully shave the sides. Youre going to look and sound like a rock star in the end.

Best Afro Hairstyles For Men

It should not be a boring search to get and fashion the best Afro hairstyles for men. Black guys have a lot of options when it comes to designing a dope look with so many cool ways to style afro haircuts – short, long or curly. Of course, men with thick and kinky hair have their own set of challenges. While there are a lot of different afro cuts and styles, guys still have to keep their hair, and its not easy to work with afro hair. Black men with afros will find some of the best examples for their hair with our guide below as well as learn how to grow their afro hairstyles. Our collection of pictures features the freshest forms of afro styles for black men in 2019, from the micro afro to the curly afro fade to the flat top.

How to Get and Style An Afro

Other hair tips to develop and style an afro include: Start combing your hair and begin using your fingers or a pick to help loosen your curls and pinch your hair. Choose the right Afro hairstyle for you and start changing the shape of your hair to suit the look. Keep your hair moisturized and conditioned with butters, creams, or essential oils. Afro hair is capable of getting dry, nappy and very frizzy, so a good coconut oil or shea butter will help you keep your hair free of frizz. You wont grow up overnight or get a flawless Afro. Be careful and carry on with it. Mens hair usually grows at about 1/2 inch every month, so it takes time and perseverance to develop out of a natural afro.

Types of Afros

Although there are many trendy hairstyles for black men, certain cuts and styles are more appropriate for certain types of hair and texture. If you have thick, kinky hair, it may be easier to grow and style a high afro. If you have tight curls, it may look better for a short tapered afro. We generally recommend tapered or fading sides to highlight the trendy hairstyle on top as part of the short sides, long top mens hair trend. Some guys may want an African all around, though. Some ways to adapt your look to your personality include asking for a line up or shape up from your barber. A line-up haircut will allow your barber to form your hairline and neckline using trimmers.

Best Afro Styles For Men

– the short buzzing sides make it easier to get Afro. Or skin fade with shape up or hair style on the sides. Sculpting the hairline around the temples to create a fresh, clean cut can be a great line up. Try this years best Afro models and haircuts! Whether youre looking for a short or long afro, flat top or side part with twists, thick waves or dreads, these are the best afro hairstyles youll get in 2019. Each guy should be able to find a cut and style they love with so many different types of afros hairstyles!

Short Afro

Mini or mini afro is a favorite barbershop – a low-maintenance style that helps you to grow your hair on top without the hassle of a big afro director. By cutting off split ends to allow new growth, a daily trim will keep your hair safe.


Long Afro Hair

Long afro hairstyles give a lot of possibilities to men. Some black men like their hair to grow and keep it high and wide in style. It requires regular combing and outstanding hair care, but with form, weight, and width, the end result is a big badass afro. Some prefer flowing down their long afro. If you have long curly hair or twists, this can be especially trendy.


Afro + Shape Up

A prime example of good style is this high tapered afro with a line up. The Afro taper all around is formed evenly and naturally. The sideburns are slightly fading, and a trendy finish is given by the full beard.

High Skin Fade + Line Up + Afro

Long curly afro hairstyles are great on the sides and back with a high bald fade. Faded sides that center the eyes on the longer hair on top of the skin cut down. This example comes with a clean edge up as well. The sharp edges give this style a modern look, beginning along the hairline and curving around the temples and to the beard.

Afro with curls

It is a good way to use the texture of your natural hair to your advantage to grow a short curly fro. Although curly hair can sometimes be difficult to manage and command, the best way to get a simple but fashionable black mens hairstyle is to style a curly afro with short hair.

Faded Afro + Kinky Hair

This high skin fade with short twists offers a unique approach to very short Afro styles. If you want to style an afro but dont want to deal with increasing thick, nappy hair, then its for you this simple hairstyle.

Curly Afro Fade + Groomed Beard

With natural curly and nappy hair, afro hairstyles fit well with all hair types. In addition, the use of a specific texture to make the different types of afros is one way to stand out. Add thick kinky hair on top and goatee, this tapered afro results in an edgy, sleek hairstyle



Mini Afro + Part + Smooth Beard Shape

The smooth way to customize your haircut is to have an afro part. Ask your barber to send you the afro part, whether you want a side part afro or just a thick section shaved in your hair on top. Tempel Fade + Afro

Low Fade + Short Afro with Curls


Low Fade + Short Afro with Curls

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Low Fade + Short Afro with Curls

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Curly Afro + High Fade + Edge Up

How to Comb Male Afro Hair: Simple Fast Steps

Its something to be proud of having a natural Afro hair. This means you can demonstrate an elegant and cool style naturally. But we must admit that it is quite a challenge to take care of this hair with its kinky texture, even to brush it can be like a study.

Short Afro hairstyles Thats fashionable for men in

Lets talk about afros, or better yet, lets talk about mens short afro hairstyle to try. You see, this unique African-American hairstyle is extremely versatile, and this is not something people realize. Thats why well be showcasing 21 exclusive, funky short afro hairstyles today that you can try. Trust us, with these haircuts you wont get bored.

Amazing Short Afro Styles For Guys

These are the most common short afro looks for this years black men to rock and revamp their appearance.

Low Tapered Africans

who are unable or unwilling to let their hair grow, let alone the natural shape of their curls. Target=blank Mens Hairstyle Trends to Try in 2019-Mens Fashion To get this haircut just ask your barber for an even cut, meaning both the top, back and sides of your hair should be the same length, and long enough to reveal your curls.


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