Round-ShapedAfro – American Spikes

This male haircut shtick is African-American hairstyle. This hairstyle needs some work, but its worth it! Shaven temples complement and accentuate the face perfectly, rendering a black-skinned face more manly!

Afro Blowout Styles

Black guys typically have great, big skin. You should always note that you can use your Afro texture to get any, even the most odd shapes. You have no reason to worry about spoiling such a high blowout, its simply impossible. And again, the fade may be a cool touch to freshen up your entire look. You could turn your casual blowout into eye-catching Mohawk if you want to stand out in the crowd. Only ask your barber to shorten the fade, and voila – its ready for the perfect, attentive look! You can also use the color game to make your curly blowout clean. Play safely and cover with dye only the tips to get a sweet, airy sputtering effect.

Round-ShapedAfro – American Spikes

This male haircut shtick is African-American hairstyle. This hairstyle needs some work, but its worth it! Shaven temples complement and accentuate the face perfectly, rendering a black-skinned face more manly!

Afro Pompadour Haircut

Pompadours will not always be seen with you, but we promise that they will take away your breath once you do so. One of the reasons African American men may avoid this hairstyle is the intense styling it takes, but we are certain that the results would impress everyone.

Afro Shape Up Haircut

What makes the flat top so popular is that it works for people of all backgrounds. In other words, with this hairstyle, both Caucasians and African-Americans will look great. Youll get a funky fresh s feel to your hairstyle with an afro-textured flat top.

Afro Hair Buzz Cut

Those with may still opt for a bumpy look. On the arms, the hair can be cut similarly, with the top left a little longer to compensate for the natural thickness of the body.

Disconnected Afro Shape Up Haircut

Would you prefer to reserve your Afro for some area? For example, you can distinguish it from the rest of your hairstyle with a shape up if you only want a shorter afro on the crown of your head. The sharp hairline produced by the edge-up haircut can add depth and contrast to your hairstyle. Design.1450.jpg />

Short Afro Textured Hair

Since black men have athan Caucasians, they often choose to keep their hair very short if they have a receding hairline. All in all, holding is simpler and one of the most flattering options.

Small Afro Caesar Haircut

Will Smith has been using the same haircut with slight variations throughout the years. The Caesar-like hairline is one of the main points of his style, perfect for those who want to keep it short and plain.

Will Smiths Natural Afro Hairstyles

Heres Will Smith in the same movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance, with a slightly overgrown and perhaps just as out of place in the s as Matt Damons bangs. Yet he still looks very good.

Afro American Punch

Finding the best black men haircuts can be difficult. The black mens top hairstyles are here to try if youre not sure which new styles will be out there for your formal days. This hairstyle will need a stylist or just a decent brush to avoid interfering with your cleanliness.

Afro Frohawk Low Fade

Fading is one of those hairstyles that can combine a number of designs. Its really easy to create a frohawk with Afro-textured hair. This is because it type of hair retains its shape without any additional styling product. The fade would allow you to keep more of your natural hair while allowing the frohawk to look bigger. This hairstyle is very fun and playful, adding to the crown region great height.

Afro Hipster Hairstyle

The Afro Hipster hairstyle is a must-try for black people who love their natural Afro hair. The top hair is cut short for easy maintenance to achieve this look, both sides are skin faded and the beard matches beautifully. Afro hipster hairstyle is a traditional Afro hairstyle that is fading with modern skin. Afro hipster hairstyle gives a decent and fashionable look and the working guys who are looking for a trendy but respectable hipster for an everyday office look really like it.

Afro Mohawk

It should not be a tedious quest to obtain and prepare the finest Afro hairstyles for males. The Afro model for Mohawk cut is considered the best among many Afro hairstyles. For thick, short, or curly hair, you can try this hairstyle. Black men nowadays have plenty of options when it comes to making the dope look. High volume of an Afro is combined with shaved and short sides in this hairstyle. It makes a Mohawk style that is eye-catching.

Afro Spiky Hairstyle

Just because you have an African does not mean you have minimal hairstyle choices. You can also produce prominent spikes on your perfectly preserved Afro. You need to make spikes overall in the case of an Afro and not just focus it on the front of the body. Take small lots of hair and use it to make spike. You can do it all on your own or take your trusted hair stylists help.

Afro Taper Fade

This fade haircut taper needs an African man. Its hairstyle that doesnt include beards. Most of the head is evenly distributed until a disappearing layer on the side forms. On the forehead, too, a hair cut is highlighted and slowly fades sideways. This is a casual hairstyle that aims to create a shaggy appearance.

Afro Undercut Taper Haircut

To achieve this top-notch style, you must have an African hair. You have to have a blonde hair, above all. It is distinguished by reverse combing of the fringe hair. It occurs after a large amount of low trimmed middle head hair. The fading cycle must begin sideways afterwards. Fading must start to form at least three different lengths of hair systematically. Its a very complicated haircut for guys. This should therefore be dealt with by an experienced barber. Moving on, this haircut has no cut or stimulates beard growth.

High and tight Afro

Wondering if a guy with curly hair fits this high and tight fade? Okay, yeah, its better than ever before. Trust me, trust me! Okay, as usual, the barbers going to get a high and tight hairstyle. However, in the middle you can ask for an acceptable length of hair. You will definitely keep them a little longer if you have thick and curly hair. Thin curly hair, then yes, they can be shortened or even kept for a long time. To keep the perfect curvy curves, do not forget to keep them with your customized goods. After all, your personality is the curls. Its male and its very old. If youve got a great jawline, youre going to get tons of attention out there!

Low Taper Short Afro with Edge Up and Part

This is a good example of low taper partition fade. On the black men, this hairstyle looks good. If you have some sort of hair from Afro, then this hairstyle is bound to suit you. The hairstyle isolation gives it a new fresh look. Low taper fades rule the fashion era and are used as their best shot by most stylists. You get limited hairstyle options in Afro type of hair so make sure you choose the best and most fashionable cut ever.

Low Taper Fade with low Afro

Many people love to have a large Afro while others love to have a small Afro. This well-cut, short and new haircut, once worn by black men, works wonders. It gives your personality a cooler, upgraded version. When you try this, youll be awestruck.

Back Fade Taper for Afro-Textured Hair

African American men are most commonly seen wearing this hairstyle. The barber shortens the hair to a wavy brush on top. The hair is cut very tiny in this hairstyle, and in the long run you can save the barbers fee. This hairstyle is a dashing mix of a wavy top that complements the clean line up significantly.

Taper Fade Short Afro

If you are Afros talented, you should be fortunate. Afros are the hair style that is most consistent with taper fade haircuts. This haircut encourages the upkeep of your hair and also involves the style of your head. It can be shaped in conjunction with any face shape. Only some barbers will give you satisfactory results, so before making any decisions, select your stylist wisely. Between black men of all ages these hairstyles are common. This hairstyle is very simple and can be tried in various styles and combinations. With your own different design, you can change it and style it according to your own willingness.

African American Low Fade

This low-fade hairstyle is worthy of men with thin hair. This hairstyle is trendy and with almost all formal hairstyles it goes pretty well. One of these is sporting a hairdo tuxedo. This hairstyle is best suited if you want to appear formal and trendy.

Afro Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

With the aid of a mohawk, full afros can also be tastefully designed. Not only does this haircut have form and weight, it also flawlessly contours the all-around look. Consider adding a different color to improve the dynamism.

Afro Pompadour Haircut

Pompadours with aphro-textured hair are not always noticeable, but we promise that they will take away your breath once you do so. One of the reasons African American men can avoid this hairstyle is the intense styling it takes, but we are certain that the results would impress everyone.

Afro Skater Haircut

Nassim Guammaz reveals that African skaters are one of the most gnarliest hairstyles in the world. You can let them develop into an eye-catching afro if you have natural textured curls. We allow you to work with your natural features and have no barriers to express yourself.

Afro-Textured Curly Hairstyles

Do not be afraid to outline your ringlets if your hair is naturally afro-textured. If you want to refresh it, let your afro grow and get it trimmed in your favorite shape.

Almost-Mullet Brad Pitt Hairstyles

We wouldnt go so far as to name this hairstyle amullet, but were in agreement that its more distinguished than others. When you settle on this haircut, make sure you have enough layers in it so that you wont be dealing with long-term maintenance.

Mohawks for Afro-textured Small Curls

African-American men with long, finger coil curls could show them off with a mohawk-like haircut. Speak to your barber if you are considering this form of hairstyle about cutting your hair at an angle that can make your curls fall to the front.

Afro Hair

African hair can be described in various ways. This features curly black hair and waves and coils. Thick or kinky hair is also in the category of Afro. However, its dryness and lack of shine that unifies all these hair textures.

Hairstyles For Afro Hair

Another common feature of all Afro-natural hair forms is that they have a comfortable form. And, once youve found the perfect style, you wont need any additional styling. Your barber will look at your curl pattern and give you a fading, round or square cut based on it. There are some suggestions for natural black hair styles to ease the role of your barber.

Top mens hairstyles in (visual guide)


Top mens hairstyles in (visual guide)

Go big or go home. The afro is a legendary mens haircut. Everybody knows at least one 80s album or film with a cool guy on his head with a big afro, and its up to you to perpetuate this stereotype. That said, there are hundreds of solutions to the modest afro; in this image gallery we have gathered some of our favourites, so you can choose the ideal contender. Donald Glovers Afro 100/e100.857.jpg />

Short Afro

With a short afro, keep it funky and sweet. It is the best of both worlds as it still has all the benefits of a real afro but less of all it takes care of. To soften it, use some hair oil to make it easier to handle.

Pink Short Afro

You can always dye your afro in an unusual color if youre really bold and artistic. This is a very short one in a pink shade of bubble gum that we just fell in love with. The purpose here is not to be afraid of color and texture experiments.

the Blonde Afro

Likewise, this time you might go for a longer afro, but blonde. Really, in this day and age, there is no barrier left in mens hairstyles and the sooner you realize that, the better. Enjoy the freedom of your body!

Curly Afro

Curly Afro hair is a true natural wonder. To get an amazing Jewfro hairstyle, you can let it grow completely independent, or you can choose the most fashionable look for yourself from the range of mens Afro hairstyles.
There are plenty of shapes and combinations for people with long hair. We allow the people to make the most of their natural gift and to enhance their beauty. You will really enjoy the process of wearing it when there is always a brilliant idea for your long hairstyle.

is to be admired, or straight long hair! Now, scroll down to see our list of the best long mens hairstyles that will inspire you to get the most out of your long locks!

High Tapered sides of Afro

. The long top is first angled in a straight line to get this haircut and then cut into a flat level while the front hair looks like a form of a box.


Short Afro Drake

The short afro is almost a haircut of its own. Its incredible how elegant you can look with an African hairstyle, a little facial hair, and a black tie of bow


High Fade Frizzly Afro

Cutting the sides of an otherwise broad and messy afro provides a completely different look. At this point, it may be known as a mohawk, but one thing we know for sure is that its fun and special.

Afro with Top Bun

Did you know that you could tie your afro to a mans bun? This unusual mens afro hairstyle incorporates two notorious styles best features: the afro and the bun. We love it, and whenever you like, you can turn to and from this theme as an added bonus. The 1.772.jpg />

Top Heavy Long Afro

This afro hairstyle is a great example of how quickly an afro length can be manipulated. It has long, curly top hair that stands proud and shorter side hair to suit this face shape better.

Old School Afro

We believe the best afros are the old school afros that look like fresh from Los Angeles in the 80s. Its tall, its messy, and those glasses are good!

Mid-skin afro line-up

This is another top-heavy afro hairstyle, but this time a disconnected line-up is trimmed in for a little je ne sais quoi. As always, you are entirely responsible for the duration of the fade.

Skin Fade Flat Top Afro

This mens afro hairstyle is functionally quite similar to the previous one. For action, added length on top, an external form, and on the sides a skin-close fade gives a youthful vibrance.

High volume Afro Top with Faded Temple

This large afro is carefully designed for a young, but reserved, modern look. The effect, particularly in the warmer weather, is a style suited for city life


Symmetric Curly Afro Hair

This is a special, curly afro hairline line-up. Its fast, sweet, and the other way around. This is certainly a good introduction to the afros community.

Calm Afro Hardline Design

We love this calm, organic afro. Its exactly what you would expect from a long-ish afro, but the hairline and eyebrow style adds a flare that catches your attention.

Afro Top Knot with Faded Sides

When it comes to merging two cultures, did you ever wonder what it felt like to pair a sleek man bun with an afro? Look no further: this is the signature that it makes.

Shapely Afro

This is another Afro tub. This classic look is super simple, and for most men, we think it will work. In this even more sophisticated style version, the clean shave is a great touch.

Perfect Fade with United Thin Afro

Long on the sides of this square and neatly treated along the hairline. The light facial hair gives endless personality to a punkish look.

Elevated Afro with Strict Undercut

Afro Buzz Cut with Shaved Sides

Classic Taper on Medium Afro


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