Kinky Braids Afro

An eruption of fashion and trendy overtones happens when two black hair styles intersect. Wear those kinky braids that are expected to get some envious looks in a perfect natural Afro. When it comes to kinky hair, Afro will always reign! Trimmed Afro Haircut for Black Men

Remember the look of Lenny Kravitz? The African hairstyles he wears are nothing short of amazing. So, if you flaunt cool curls like his too, let them grow naturally.

Amazing Razor Shaped Black Mens Afro Hairstyle

As if the neatly trimmed Afro isnt enough to earn some extra fashion points, the barber razor-shaped edges just look amazing. Dare to try this summers haircut. It is a quality that is assured.

Taper Fade and Short Afro Top

For black men with naturally tight curls, it cant get much better than this haircut. Its a haircut that makes styling super easy. Try it this summer for size. Youll be shocked at how comfortable this haircut is and how easy it is to wear in every environment.

Top Muffin and Fade Afro Taper. Black Men Haircut

Normally a muffin top gets a bit of bad rap. Nonetheless, dont worry. This is one of the hottest black men haircuts in the fall. Keep it clean and sealed.

Stylish Trimmed Afro Haircut for Black Men

If the Afro is well trimmed, class and style can only be spelled. Defines the correct length and makes the magic of your hairstylist.

Black Mens Trimmed Afro Haircut

Unlike other Afro hairstyles to experiment for, this one features much longer locks. Use performance hair products to improve your hairstyles beauty and effortless volume feel.


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Afro Fade

As one of black mens best haircuts, the afro fade is about short sides and a wild curly top. The afro fade with curly twists is a variation of the box cut, allowing for more natural hair growth on top, with less maintenance needed than the box fade

The sides and back of the hair are faded high, low and skin/bald. In complete contrast to the fading taper, about-inches of hair are left on top of the head to grow out and style in whatever way you want.
In addition, the afro top can be long or short with waves, twists and nappy black hair for a big finish.

Shape Up Short Afro Fade

Rough and Afro Mid Skin Fade

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Shape Up Short Afro Fade

Rough and Afro

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Shape Up Short Afro Fade


Rough and Afro

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Spiky Afro

In fact, spiky hair seems extremely funky. Its also one of the hairstyles black men can reinvent themselves. Use some styling material to cover your fingertips and curl individual strands around them.

Shaved or Faded Afro

Whether you prefer short black male hairstyles, you could diversify them with some amusing elements such as shaving or fading. You could style your hair however you want and compliment it with a high, mid- or low-level fade haircut or a shaved part.

Medium Afro Curls With Low Fade

If your hair is coily enough to maintain the shape when it is medium in length, then we see no reason why you should be shorter. Medium Afro curls look glamorous and complex, especially when combined with any kind of fade. Choose a low skin fade with a line up if you prefer to leave more hair on the head.

The Wide Afro

If you like the concept of an Afro when it comes to black mens hairstyles but you dont like too much pouf or blowout, you can always pick a wide afro. It means you get a lot of length but none of the classic afros width or Bandanna

Another way you can vamp your hairstyle is by adding a bandanna to it. Its a very chic product that definitely makes a comeback. You can choose the pattern and colors to match your hair and eyes.

College Prep Afro

Heres a vintage-in-vintage hairstyle filter. Plus, you can really look like a prep college boy from the s if you wear the right outfit. After all, its all about getting a great sense of style.

Low Fade Afro

An Afro fade is also a nice cut if you don’t want the profile of the globe but something more sleek and modern.

Short Afro

Afro hairstyle has always been one of the traditional staples for any black guy. Nevertheless, long and medium afros can take a lot of time to fashion and take care of every day. But that doesnt mean you cant have an afro because you can go with a fairly short afro with the same styling points but less effort.

Low Tapered Afro

The afro puff is about the natural curls to enjoy. The low taper gives a unique look and personality to the puff. Overall, this black men short and fashionable hairstyle is chic, elegant and certainly impressive. This gives the whole form fullness and volume gives the face maturity.

Afro Twist

The Afro twist is trendy, stylish and convenient. It’s also suitable for both formal and casual occasions. It’s one of the most popular black men short haircuts.

The Blonde Afro

We love it so much when we see an afro that has been taken to a different level. Afros have been with us for so long, but somehow they always end up looking the same. Thus, when different men put a bit of imagination into their afros, we call it a win.

The Afro Man Bun

Youve heard of the man bun, yeah, youve heard of that man. We bet you havent done that. If you did, though, youre the official guru of our fashion. Overall.6071.jpg />

This longer afro haircut gets a traditional finish from shorter sides and a vertical front from the classic rounded shape instead.

Short Afro Fade

Josh Connolly This short version incorporates a mid fade for a modern look in a different way to rock afro.

Short Afro hairstyles for men

Raul Ponce Ii Afro hairstyles need not be too tall. The shorter version has a rounded profile with much less effort.

Long Afro

Nomad Barber Ldn No matter what year it is, afro is an attention-getting haircut.

Black Boys African

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